The Practical Guide to Oil Painting Techniques and Materials

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The practical guide to oil painting techniques and materials is a complete video guide covering the practical and technical knowledge needed for those who want to explore the infinite potential of oil painting. 

What makes this course special is that it is a practical guide, which means that I don't just show you how I do things personally when I paint, but I also review all the different options at your disposal. This way, you don't have to copy what I do if you don't feel like it, and you can come up with you own painting process, something that really suits your style and personality. Safety, surface, paint and color, mediums and additives, brushes and brushwork, this course covers all the technical aspects !


  • Main Program (6 hours) : Practical guide + portrait demonstration
  • Extended version 1 (8 hours) : Practical guide + portrait demonstration + Still-life "Alla Prima" demonstration
  • Extended version 2 (8 hours) : Practical guide + portrait demonstration + Landscape Plein Air demonstration
  • Super Extended version (10 hours) : Practical guide + portrait + still life + landscape 


This practical guide will be helpful to you if you're a beginner and don't know where to start but it can also be interesting to you if you already have some experience and want to explore a wider range of possibilities. This video covers basic and advanced knowledge in a very progressive way.

It focuses heavily on techniques and materials, reviewing a wide range of options, including solvent-free alternatives and water mixable oil paint.

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You'll get

Chapter 1 : Safety and material
Chapter 2 : The Painting Surface
Chapter 3 : Paint and Color
Chapter 4 : Mediums and Additives
Chapter 5 : Brushes and Brushwork
Chapter 6 : Portrait Demonstration
Chapter 7 (extended version) : Still Life Demonstration
Chapter 8 (extended version) : Landscape
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The Practical Guide to Oil Painting Techniques and Materials

173 ratings
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